White bar

A music bar. A place with the ambiance of theater. The White Bar is the venue of art performances, recitals and shows by popular theater actors.

The White Bar is located in the left wing of theater auditorium. The main theme of design of the White Bar are mirrors from makeup rooms, and the interior is open and solemn-looking.

There is quiet music playing in the White Bar during entractes, with the theme of mysteriousness and theatre giving way to that of elegance. After the Main stage show is over, the bar becomes a venue for jam sessions with the participation of the local theater troupe.

The White Bar menu focuses on entrés and apéritifs, which can be delivered to your table in the theater auditorium.

Black bar

A music bar. A place with the ambiance of cinema and fashion. The Black Bar is the venue of choice for stylish parties, concerts, and unusual performances.

The Black Bar in the right wing of the theater hall is an experimental interior design project of famous Russian fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin. The main elements of decor present an eclectic combination of metal and crystal, leather and velvet, dark and light tones.

Come here to enjoy the atmosphere of theater wings. Stopping by the Black Bar before the show you can run into actresses all ready in their makeup, or a conferencier at the bar counter.

The cocktail menu of the Black Bar presents classical old school cocktails, as well as new drinks mixed by our baristas according to their own original mixology. Your drinks and snacks can be delivered straight to your table in the auditorium.