The art gallery of Leningrad Centre is a multiformat platform for the dialogue between different kinds of arts and media. This space is designed for collaboration with both recognized masters and young artists.

The gallery is situated on the second floor of Leningrad Centre. The interior design is executed in minimalistic style, so it allows for the space to be easily transformed for any creative art projects. The gallery is divided into three areas: the main hall and two mini halls in the side wings of the space. All the halls are supplied with the special gallery light and multimedia equipment. The total area of the gallery floor is 384 square meters.

Exhibitions held in the gallery get the viewer acquainted with the beautiful world, which Leningrad Centre comes in touch with in its activities. Artists create impressive set design for the show, photographers reveal characters of actors through their works in a most wonderful way. All these professionals have their own original works, their own unique vision of contemporary art which we are happy to share by exhibiting their works in the gallery.