In Leningrad Centre cinema, you can see the newest Hollywood premieres with directors and critics present, masterpieces of Russian cinematography, works of foreign masters, the most interesting and significant movies — participants of the largest film festivals of recent years.

Leningrad Centre cinema is one of a kind. Amateurs of high-quality old and modern original movies will have an exceptional chance to perceive and evaluate actors engaged in the movie in a really full-fledged and proper way, for no matter how professional the dubbing might be, the Russian dubbed version allows you just to see Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio or Benedict Cumberbatch, but never to hear their genuine voices.

Connoisseurs and all those willing to get exposed to the world art will appreciate live broadcasts arranged by Leningrad Centre cinema featuring popular performances from the most prestigious theaters of Europe and the USA. Theater displayed on the screen gives us a chance to experience acting of the most famous casts from different parts of the world. You can watch the most contemporary as well as classic theater performances of any genre on the big screen: from Royal National Theatre to Metropolitan Opera.

Moreover, Leningrad Centre cinema gives you a chance to see unique exhibition movies that let you shift to the most famous world museums, as well as rare and special concert performances of world-famous stars.

Movies, performances and concerts on the big screen of Leningrad Centre always mean excellent sound and video, which are provided by modern equipment. Due to the capacities of the hall, you can appreciate all the subtle nuances of acting and musicians’ performance on the screen, without any difficulty in examining costume details, elements of set design, facial expressions, and enjoy high-quality musical accompaniment.