The Main stage of Leningrad Centre seats up to 300 people, 70 of which can be seated on the balcony and in the boxes. The hall is equipped with comfortable chairs and tables with beverages served. The stage house is a combination of 36 pieces of lifting and lowering devices, allowing to change the floor configuration for each performance. Due to the most intricate mechanical devices, any act can be turned into an unprecedented show. The stage is equipped with portable displays, a scrim and projectors with video mapping and 3D tracking functions. The Live curtain for Leningrad Centre was developed by famous theater artist Pavel Kaplevich. The hall is crowned with the motional light system made up of a thousand of LED spheres. Individually controlled spheres change their moving speed and color in accordance with the required program. All this was inspired by the works of Mark Fisher, the famous set designer, and kinetic sculptures.

Felix Mikhailov: “Leningrad Centre stage house captures the features of classical theater transformed into a modern high technology reality. We have a curtain as a stage icon; we have a chandelier as a lucky charm of the theater hall. The Leningrad Centre project uniquely combines many genres, styles and technologies. Therefore, our curtain is made of unique “live fabric”, and the chandelier in itself is a kinetic sculpture, a work of modern art.”