Leningrad Centre is a pioneer in the show genre in Russia. Each show performance is a drive and a challenge. Performances combine multimedia technologies, choreography of all possible trends, the most complicated acrobatic and circus techniques, vocals and theater — physical, drama and comedy. The narration is structured according to the principle of metaphorical collage, where every detail bears implicit meaning. The spectator is offered to plunge into the atmosphere and enjoy fantasies on the topic set by the director. Each show combines:

Spectacularity — the line of narration is a palette of colorful and emotional scenes.

Brightness — the set design and costumes are created by famous artists and designers.

High technology — the show resorts to all the cutting-edge technologies, such as: motional light system, 3D curtains, dynamic stage and screen structure, video mapping и 3D tracking.

Professional manner — all show participants are recognized experts in their field. Each actor of the cast has awards and achievements in global and Russian competitions and experience in the largest world shows.

Large scale — action of the show is not locked on the stage only. The activity takes place around spectators, above their heads, on the stage itself, in the hall and on the side stairs, flashing through the entire space.