The Meet Us Project, Vol. 4.

Deus ex Machina

A photography exhibition about those who make the Leningrad Center’s work possible

*God out of the machine

The phrase “Deus ex machina” (God out of the machine) dates back to Ancient Greek theater where it referred to the God who made an appearance in the resolution of the production to set things straight. His exit had to be dramatic: for example, he descended from the sky using special mechanisms. The device was named after an item of props — “mechane” — a fixture similar to a crane operated by a mechanical engineer.

The exhibition is a series of photos and short videos demonstrating the performance and the theater from the inside – from the side the viewers rarely have any idea about, the one they should not notice during the show. It’s about the stage crew and employees of specialized departments: their efforts help the “machina” get rolling and move forward.

The material is prepared by Natalya Iokhvidova and Alexey Ishmaev — artists of the Leningrad Center. A passion for photography, hourly absorption in the creative process, as well as understanding of all the nuances of the stage crew’s work have made this series of shots unique and rich with details.

“I would like the audience to know about this side. And gracing actors with their applauses at the end of the performance, then they applaud all those ‘invisible’ deus ex machina as well, since the success of the show and the amazing impression the viewers will take with them depend on the smooth work of these people, as well as on smooth work of the artists. There are no staged photos, only documentary pictures snatched in the process,” Natalya Iokhvidova says.

The photo exhibition continues with a series of exhibitions that have been opening new seasons in the Leningrad Center for several years in a row. Photo sessions of performers made by well-known authors have introduced guests to the troupe of the show space, and now it’s time to tell about the people that are usually behind the scenes and unobtrusively help the audience to enjoy their visit. This exhibition is an opportunity to say “THANK YOU” to all the services the Leningrad Center wouldn’t be able to do without:


Management Lighting


Stage Machinery


Costume designers and make-up artists

Property masters and decorators

Artists and designers

The exhibition will start on September 24

The entrance is free.

Deus ex machina*

Фотовыставка о тех, кто делает работу «Ленинград Центра» возможной

*Бог из машины