The entrance fee is free."Inner Man" by Soslan Sosiev is a serious independent project that takes stock of a certain period in the artist's work and life and, to some extent, marks his maturation in artistic form. He believes that throughout a person’s life, there is a child living within them, and outlines, as it were, three stages of the child’s perception of the world.”

Svetlana Gracheva, professor, Doctor of Art History, associate fellow of the Russian Academy of Arts.

The Leningrad Center show space gallery presents “Inner Man”, an exhibition by the famous St. Petersburg artist Soslan Sosiev. The Inner Man project is a reflection of the emotions that we’ve all experienced: from spontaneous childlike joy to adult melancholy. It comprises three sets of works that differ in color, mood, and material. The most vivid works are from the first cycle, which are full of surreal and visionary images, are painted in acrylic. The artist chose this material to emphasize the ornate and lustrous nature of his paintings. The works in his second cycle are painted with oil, which creates a mood of deep melancholy, and the extraordinary works from the third cycle have been created with an airbrush, which helps demonstrate the tension of a master of an academic school trying to break free from the rules and norms. Viewers have the opportunity to plunge into the completely unique space of the Inner Man project at the Leningrad Center gallery. You might even meet your own inner man.

Curator of the exhibition: Ekaterina Khaletskaya.
Exhibition days: December 20 — February 26
The exhibition is open from 12:00 to 20:00 daily, or until 22:00 on show days.

Soslan Sosiev's exhibition “Inner Man”