January 25, Leningrad Centre presents the ongoing of the Exhibition "Timeless"

The Leningrad Centre, the first show space in Russia working in the genre of "theatrical attraction", is reviewing the intermediate results of its anniversary theatre season. Following tradition, the season started with an exhibition dedicated to the past and future events in the life of the show space. At the very beginning of 2019, The Timeless project continued, introducing the atmosphere of Leningrad Centre’s and the life of its actors and performers to visitors.

Starting from January 25, the central hall of the gallery will exhibit the works of artists and photographers, who together with Felix Mikhailov created an incredible collage of images and characters.

Pit Buehler, who has previously worked with the theatre artists, will be among the exhibited masters. His photographs with captured characters of artists could be seen at the exhibition in Switzerland at the end of 2018. For the Timeless exhibition, Pit presented the photos created for the Lovesick and Timeless shows.

An atmospheric photo exhibit from Kevin Ohana, a French photographer who works with VOGUE, L’OFFICIEL, HARPER’S BAZAAR, and now also with the Leningrad Centre, talks about searching for inspiration when creating the premier of Timeless.

Sketches of Ivan Skladchikov, a long-time collaborator and distinguished artist, have come to life at the stage of the show-space more than once. The exhibition “Timeless. Continued” shows three sketches which gave that amazing mood to the production of the fairy-tale “Porcelain happiness”. “Lady in blue”, “Empress of the stars” and “Emperor” sketches look as if they leaped from the pages of Hoffmann’s and Andersen’s books and are invested with mystery and magic.

Leningrad Centre, headed by Artistic Director Felix Mikhailov, turned out to be a timeless project indeed. The stage of the project is the home for cross-genre theatrical experiments integrating vintage and future technologies into one performance. Since the opening of Leningrad Centre, this project has been the first one of this format, when a show space creates performance-collages.

The exhibition “Timeless. Continued” takes place from January 25 till February 28

Working hours: daily 12.00 am - 08.00 pm

The exhibition is open till 10.00 pm on show days

Free admission.

The exhibition “Timeless. Continued”