Грань между иллюзией и реальностью сотрется,

как только вы займете место в зрительном зале…

Spectators will find themselves on the set of the TV program Bella Magica where a real show of talent will be taking place! Attention-grabbing plots based on Federico Fellini, Italian music, a whole wave of burlesque-style excitement, passion-charged, acrobatic tricks, hypnotizing display, and improvised entertainment, all by one Italian magician. The stage will turn into a giant vinyl record player that will transform throughout the evening in the most unexpected way and spin the spectator into a maelstrom of events.

The Italian illusionist and mentalist Eddy Arudino will appear on stage, he is well known in elite Italian, Russian and Arab circles. He has melted the hearts of even the most inveterate skeptics and filled them with a warm, magical glow. The world-renowned illusionist will perform in the Leningrad Centre for the first time with a program that promises to turn the audience into the main character!

Be careful what you wish for, Eddy might turn it into reality. There are rumours that he can bring life to inanimate objects by the power of his thought and will learn all your deepest secrets that are otherwise safely kept in the farthest corners of your mind just by looking into your eyes.

The Leningrad Centre will not be revealing any details regarding the format of the show keeping the suspense, but we promise the performance will be feast for all of your senses! Our restaurant Blok is responsible for taste, of course, and will provide accompaniment for the show with two signature desserts.

This dessert promises to leave a long-lasting aftertaste in your heart!

Director: Felix Mikhailov

Choreographers: Irina Podshivalova, Nikita Goncharov, Svetlana Khoruzhina, Keiko Lee, Vlad Rudenko, Oleg Khmelev, Victoria Chapaikina

Invited actors: Eddy Arudino (Italy) and Dmitry Volniy

Small stage of the Leningrad Centre

*Magically beautiful (translated from Italian)


Bella Magica

«Talent Show» on the Small Stage!

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