When two people look at the moon from opposite ends of the world, their gaze will certainly meet.

Elchin Safari, from the book “Sweet Salt of the Bosphorus”

“Favorites of the Moon. The Kiss” is the second show in the history of the Leningrad Center, it premiered in 2015.

Like before, it’s based on the legendary film The Kiss by the French screenwriter and director, Stefan Le Lay. But now this show has been run through artificial intelligence, imbued with new motifs and events.

Together with the main character, viewers will be transported to a fantastical world, where every scene is a story about the exciting journey of two lovers towards each other for the sake of those key words and the long-awaited kiss itself.

“Favorites of the Moon. “The Kiss” has more than just new storylines, costumes, and effects; it will also make you lose your connection with reality!

The unique synthesis of artificial intelligence, modern technology, and vivid images and storylines will immerse the viewer in a world of love, ruled by the magical force of the Moon.

Director: Felix Mikhailov
Genre: Stage collage
Duration: 150 minutes
Age rating: 18+
After the start of the show, entrance to the auditorium is possible only accompanied by an administrator.

Favourites of the Moon

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