Leningrad Center” will present the most provocative and frank LOVESICK show at the height of the fourth theater season. The new project is realized in the 360-degree format: the action takes place in the very center of the hall, spectators find themselves in the grip of love fever, and not a single detail will be hidden from them.

There indeed will be many details, and there indeed will be something to look at. Felix Mikhaylov creates a wonderful rebus of relations between a man and a woman. Through the thorns of prejudices and stereotypes, he exposes the eternal truth: the man poetizes the woman, he admires her and he is inspired by her, and the woman teases him and stimulates him to achievements. The dynamic action rapidly transports viewers from one image to another, leaving a sweet aftertaste from meeting a seductive cabaret dancer from the 1930s, Victorian courtesan or a model from Andy Warhol’s studio. Each act is like a bare nerve ending, it’s made on contrasts where there are places for sex and rock-‘n’-roll. These images are called to prove in the dynamic action on stage that there are no rules of the game in love. There is no standard for numerous forms of this feeling’s expression. Love is wonderful in its sincerity and bold recklessness, it rules everyone, but each one in its own way. It’s possible to do everything for the great feeling, do some madness. And Shakespeare’s words will be up-to-date for many more centuries: “Love is all-powerful: not on earth nor sorrow – above its punishment, nor happiness – above pleasure to serve it”.

Following its plot, a bold and provocative picture unfolds on stage, blurring the border between the reality and imagination. Photos, canvases from various eras coming alive, the atmosphere of Fellini’s, Almodóvar’s and Antonioni’s films is engaged here. The sensual, courteous show is a sophisticated game with spectators, full of allegories, interlacing the amazing exquisiteness of circus plastique and choreography, heartfelt singing and charming aesthetics of female body. It is the female vision and interpretation of what love is that will become the leading idea of the LOVESICK show.

Director: Felix Mikhaylov

LOVESICK show runs for an hour and a half with two intervals.

Age limit: 18+


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