“Have you ever kept a diary? I think most of us have tried to keep one as a way of remembering our joys, grievances, foolishness and dreams. Try to find it and have a flick through. How does it make you feel? Nostalgic? Contented?Or, perhaps, longing to revisit the past... That’s what I did.”

A lonely man whose time is running out remembers that at the bottom of a dusty wardrobe there is a box of memories. Among the objects is an old audio cassette. His entire life is recorded on this, revealing emotions from the most unlikely events in his life, and they all concern love. The first time he had sex, his first love, his dreams and holiday romances, dangerous liaisons and thoughtless behavior. He replays it to understand why he’s remained single... Is he truly alone?

Back when audio cassettes were around, the slogan of one of the manufacturers was ‘full color sound’. This show brings together an explosion of neon and stereo effects from the past, and every recollection has its own spectrum of color. The dramatic lighting and old advertising samples are brought to life through visuals as well as through music.

The cassette recording lasts around 120 minutes and stops at a very interesting place. Find out what happens to our protagonist and what it is that he discovers. Brace yourself for surprises and unexpected twists, experience something new and enjoy the show!

Director: Felix Mikhailov

Start time: 8 p.m.

Total run time: 120 minutes, including a 25-minute interval.


After the event has started, we will reserve the right to limit entry to the auditorium in the interests of limiting any disruption to our performers.We thank you for your understanding and kindly request that you take your seat before the final call.

Seven: a Chronicle of Love Affairs

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