Looking forward to a holiday and anticipating a real New Year tale is one of the most exciting childhood memories. Snowman Flies to the Moon is a show to make it even brighter and fill children’s hearts with magic.

Together with the heroes of the New Year show – Petya, Masha and Snow-Postman – the young spectators will travel in search of the lost guiding star to make sure that, against all odds, the New Year still comes and Santa Claus fulfills their most cherished dreams.

Immersion into the fairy-tale atmosphere begins in advance of the performance: an exciting interactive welcome will await the audience in the lobby of the Leningrad Center. And then the real adventure begins, where one can boldly tread the dark paths of the scary forest, descend to the seabed that conceals many mysteries, and even fly on a real space trip to the Moon – the plot rapidly unfolds to childish excitement of not only small spectators, but also their parents. In this kind story, the children must be helped by clever mice, Bul-Bul the Underwater King, Brave Granny and other characters of this unusual show.

At the end of the performance, every child will feel like a real hero, because saving the New Year will not be an easy task! But the exciting quest with fabulous characters, unexpected plot twists and magical transformations will be truly exciting! And when the show is over, each young guest will receive another pleasant surprise – a New Year gift from the Leningrad Center.

* The show is recommended for children from 3 years old. Children up to 3 years old inclusively can attend the show for free, as long as they do not occupy a separate seat: the ticket is purchased for the parent only. A separate ticket is required for a child over 3 years of age.

Directed by Felix Mikhailov.
Duration of the show is 60 minutes (without intermission).
Age rating: 3+

Snowman and everything everything everything

Children’s New Year show at Leningrad Center

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