Welcome to the Old Hotel, the place where all your dreams will come true! The hotel that unites old friends with lonesome travelers, those in love or dreaming of it, those seeking thrills and those on the hunt for head-spinning adventures. You won’t want to miss this!

“Remember that every room has its secrets and every hour in this hotel is different.”

There will be something for everyone, and the Hosts of this splendid place will take care of you all night long. Find a home away from home in a first-rate deluxe apartment: lounge in silk bed linen, drink from exquisite porcelain and light candles in the splendid interior. Who knows, you may find yourself staying in a room previously stayed in by Edith Piaf, Marilyn Monroe or Marlene Dietrich. The room next to yours might have been witness to a wild night, passionate love triangle, or the birth of a new star.

18 and 25 of September

Director: Felix Mikhailov

Start time: 8 p.m.

Duration: 1 hour 55 minutes (including a 25 interval).


Dear guests, please note that the seating in the Small Stage hall of Leningrad Center has been arranged in accordance with the Order of the Government of St. Petersburg (No. 121 dd. 13.03.2020). The total number of guests in attendance shall not exceed 75 % of the auditorium’s full capacity. Please use personal protective equipment and practice social distancing during your visit to our show space. Should you feel unwell or have a fever, please refrain from attending the event.

Old hotel

Opening of the season 2021/22

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