Timeless is making a comeback to the Leningrad Center stage this spring. The show deals with the phenomenal attraction between a man and a woman. In the absence of a strict storyline, the play unfolds like a vivid fantasy dream with no beginning or ending. Instead, all the fragments are organically united by a single idea. Scenes which serve as concise metaphors explore male and female perspectives of love, temptation, seduction and loyalty. However, the yearning desire to love and be loved pulls the characters together like magnets, and in the end, they each utter three important words: “I love you!”

The Timeless world is like a bright collage, composed of short stories told through music, dance and vocals. The attraction of feelings, vices and virtues unfolds through theatrical action as the characters meet, fall in love and experience the intensity of human passion. The mise en scène transforms throughout the show, showcasing the aesthetics of aerial gymnastics, acrobatics, modern choreography and immaculate costume design. The show involves the entire Leningrad Center troupe, who are professionals and champions of Russian theatre and circus.

The scenery leaves room for imagination and interpretation: a real railway runs through the space, while colossal gates adorned with moldings, disused rollercoaster loops and life-size animal figures appear on stage. Most of the objects were handmade by the theater’s technical staff. To create certain elements, additional specialists were involved. Thus, as he has done before, Timur Mustafin, a sculptor and puppet designer, has assembled an unbelievably large puppet head for the theater, which comes alive during one of the acts. An elephant and its calf made by sculptor brothers Ural and Arthur Gilmanov, creators of the firebird at the FIFA World Cup opening ceremony and kinetic horses for the Favorites of the Moon show, will also walk around the stage.

Director: Felix Mikhailov
Start: 20:00
Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes (including intermission of 30 minutes)


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