No one has ever told you in such a bold and brave way about what happens on New Year’s Eve and what Santa Claus is really up to. It’s time to learn the shocking truth!

Just imagine: while one Santa is surfing and doing yoga somewhere in Bali in search of enlightenment, a second is riding the subway, a third is plotting a daring robbery under the cover of a beard and a red suit, and a fourth is relaxing in the best traditions of Bad Santa surrounded by beautiful women in a noisy pub. But this is an adult story! Exactly five minutes before the New Year, each of them remembers that they need to deliver presents. And how can they manage with only five minutes at their disposal?!

That’s where the real wild fairy tale starts. Plots from daring action, road movie, gangster film and noir comedy are intertwined on stage with the rhythms of dance, striking vocals, exciting acrobatic tricks with Russia’s only spiral pylons, and even a real cat circus. The finale of each storyline will keep you in suspense. Why not, if you’re at the Leningrad Center?!

The show will feature stars of “New Dance” on TNT and “Dance Revolution” on Channel One, and FRG choreographic group will present a fragment of their “YOMI” performance. Leningrad Center artists Maria Kirpicheva, Andrei Konyukh and Polina Saramud will perform their New Year hits.

And what about good old tradition? The performance will involve “The Salad Story”, an absolute hit about how the famous Olivier Salad came to life. Only it will have a brand new interpretation.

The show will have a stunning scope, drama and dynamics – a veritable firework of emotions on New Year’s Eve. It is absolutely worth seeing!

Director: Felix Mikhailov
Duration: 150 minutes
Spectator age: 16+
Start at 8:30 p.m.

Make it to Midnight

New Year concert for adults at Leningrad Center

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