The “Leningrad Center” stage will become the world of memories of the famous bit-quarter member. The first tours with his parents, actors from the Akimov Comedy Theatre, beginning studies with Lev Dodin, getting acquainted with Nikolay Fomenko, the first The Beatles records, working in the Leningrad Military District Song and Dance Ensemble. Music by Harry Belafonte and Francis Sinatra, Elvis Presley and Muslim Magomaev, Led Zeppelin and Bach will sound in the mono musical show.

Maxim Leonidov: “The show based on my book ‘I Turned Back to Take a Look’ mostly tells about the music that had an impact on me in these or those years of my life starting from childhood. It happened that this music became the sound track of the whole era. ‘It Won’t Be Long’ by The Beatles and ‘Ships Entered Our Harbour’ will be interlaced in the musical show. I am sure that it will be a very interesting, funny and, I hope, touching in some parts performance.”

Maxim Leonidov’s mono musical show “I Turned Back to Take a Look” will be accompanied by actors from the “Leningrad Center” company, who will “enliven” the actor’s reminiscences.

Felix Mikhaylov: “The mono musical show is the continuation of our playing with entertainment genre. We’ve created a performance-collage, a scenic attraction where everything is mixed – music, visual imagery, live actors and painted images…”


“Leningrad Center” in St. Petersburg is the first show area in Russia, created for the high entertainment genre. There are two theatre stages, bars, restaurants and art gallery on the four floors of an old mansion by the Taurida Garden. The program of the venue includes musical and theatrical performances, world stars performances, film shows and master classes in which the leading Russian and foreign representatives of the arts and media take part.


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