In autumn 2016, at the BRIX International Film Festival in Delhi (India), the show “Dreams of Russia” premiered, which was performed by the Leningrad Center, based on Russian folklore, with elements of modern dance and circus art. Later, the show turned into a four-part project: “Christmas”, “Spring”, “Summer” and “Dreamers”. The music is composed by the avant-garde duo EtnoZapil. Musicians Sergey Mironov and Anton Ankushin, finalists of the New Wave festival, make folk sets by combining sounds produced by didgeridoo, vargan, saw, flute, ocarina, kalimba and voices in the rhythm of a beat-box.

In spring 2021, we announce the project’s return. You will see your favorite fragments from the first shows, as well as completely new episodes with original plots. The visual solution will be inspired by the Russian lubok and the Mitki-style painting. EtnoZapil duo will again be responsible for musical accompaniment, they will present their latest compositions, and perform in the expanded line-up. The male cast will be joined by Natalia Demidyuk, vocalist from the Leningrad Center, and Polina Plavskaya, singer and actor.

The projects “Dreams of Russia” and “Once upon a Time” not only reveal the concept of their Director Feliks Mikhailov about the genre of “stage collage”, but also unite in a spectacular format elements of Russian folk culture and a modern show program. The performance will take place on stage by the Leningrad Center troupe, with guest artists. Among them, Aleksandr Batuev, winner of international circus festivals, participant in such projects as “Românii au talent” (2020) and “Supertalent” (2019), guest artist of the Circuses Kroné (Germany) and Kni (Switzerland); Alyona Yershova, participant in the Closing Ceremony of the Olympic Games in Sochi, winner of circus competitions in France and Germany.

Director: Feliks Mikhailov

Duration: 2 hours (including 30-minute intermission)


Once Upon a Time

Folklore show with participation of EtnoZapil band

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