It’s important for us to immerse the audience in the world of miracles that you can find in an artist’s mind during the creative process.

But we prefer to talk about it with irony and love! We will be telling the love story of an artist and his muse – of a man and a woman!

Art manager and director of the show Felix Mikhailov

Human creativity is always a miracle. The show “Life is like a Miracle. Body/Soul” returns to the stage of Leningrad Center. The theater actors will tell the stories of love inspired by the works of great artists of different epochs, as well as be ironic about the modern art.

The two-part show will take you on journeys to different worlds and you will meet amazing characters. Salvador Dali, Keith Haring and Yayoi Kusama will have a grand auction party, the hero of El Greco’s paintings will turn out to be Don Juan, who won more than one heart, and René Magritte will challenge the perception of reality and create his new rebus in front of the audience.

The hall space will be transformed beyond recognition. A huge antique head will be an integral part of the production, and the audience will be transported to a world of miracles that exists only in the artist’s head.

The main theme of the performance is the love of a master and his muse, the relationship between a man and a woman and their different views on the creation of works of art. By the way, Kazimir Malevich will finally reveal the secret of his Black Square.

The show features collections from Tatyana Parfyonova and Julia Dalakyan that have made their way to the stage of Leningrad Center straight from the catwalks. Such directors as Ksenia Mikheeva, a multiple winner of the Golden Mask, Oleg Khmelev, Boris Shipulin worked on the show.

There is no need to talk about the variety of stage and circus genres in the show, as it has already become a calling card of the Leningrad Center.

Director: Felix Mikhailov

Duration: 130 minutes (including one interval)
Age rating: 18+
Start at 8:00 p.m.

Life is like a miracle. Body/Soul

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