Just in time for the holidays, Leningrad Center will present a fairy tale for adults – the New Year’s Show “Winter Leningrad.” For just a few days in December, a fairy tale city will come to life on the stage: pleasant festive bustle, lots of twinkling lights, soft snow flakes sparkling by the light of lanterns. If you’ve given up on the thought of miracles in your everyday routine, if you can’t stop racing after time that keeps slipping away – make sure you see “Winter Leningrad.” Just one “trip” will give you impressions for the year ahead.

The New Year’s Show staged by Leningrad Center resembles bright pictures packed with details and symbols that you want to explore and unravel. Grace, courage, heartwarming love, and New Year’s wonder will be framed by bright decorations and modern technologies. The new production combines a number of different genres: elements of circus acrobatics, vocal numbers, and modern choreography. Designer costumes, the hypnotic beauty of live performance, and constantly moving multimedia screens will create a festive atmosphere and give the New Year’s spirit even to those who have forgotten it exists.

The production is being put together by a troupe of talented show-space artists, who are serving not only as performers, but also as co-producers.

Directed by Felix Mikhailov.

Winter Leningrad

A New Year’s Show coming to the Leningrad Center stage

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