Leningrad Centre can host the most diverse and complex projects.

The space was set up in a way that can satisfy the needs of the most demanding clients.

Corporate parties, business workshop, conferences, solemn awards — all this and many other can be made up and put into action with our joint efforts!


Seat capacity - 400 people: soft furniture seats in the stalls and chairs on the balcony (chairs shall be rented separately). The space can be transformed for a banquet seating for a maximum of 220 seats.

The space of the theater hall is arranged in classical theater style: the stalls, two tiers and boxes. The architectural acoustics of the hall, the ergonomics of seats, together with modern equipment, allow to call Leningrad Centre one of the most technologically advanced performance venues in the country.


The main hall and two mini halls (lecture seating capacity: 60 people in each room) in side wings of the space are equipped with special gallery light and multimedia equipment. Modern technological equipment of the gallery allows to host and organize trans-media and cross-cultural projects of various levels of complexity.

Options of space arrangement: Buffet, Dinner, Conference (lecture, seminar), Concert, theatrical performance, vernissage, etc.


The Small stage of Leningrad Centre is a venue for acoustic concerts, minor theatrical forms and experimental theater formats. In the center of the hall there is a stage equipped with the cutting-edge equipment, with three large projection screens arranged in the center, complemented by their counterparts on the sides of the hall supported by 8 columns.

Options of space arrangement: Buffet, Dinner, Conference (lecture, seminar), Concert, theatrical performance.

Maximum seating capacity in the Small stage space is up to 300 people.

Feel free to contact us for all the issues you would like to clarify:

8 (812) 242 9999